Advantages of Genesis ACS

Temperature scanning and hand sanitising take an important place nowadays. The Global Procurers developed a solution, which covers these necessities. It is useful for prevention the spread of infections, including Covid-19. Temperature scanning, hand sanitising and face mask detection are among leading features.

High temperature is a common symptom of viral and bacterial infections. 50% of Covid-19 patients have high body temperature. With temperature scanning ability, it detects if there's an abnormal temperature.

When it detects high body temperature, it alerts with audible and visual notifications. Low and high temperature settings are adjustable.

Wearing a face mask minimises the exhalation and inhalation of germs. Therefor detecting face mask of customers or visitors is very important. The Genesis can detect face mask by monitoring the face immediately. Moreover, it alerts when the mask is not worn on face.

  • Adopt high-performance intelligent processor, face recognition algorithm based on deep learning. Improve the rate of face capture.

  • Support face optimization, face enhancement and face exposure to improve imaging quality.

  • Support real-time temperature scanning and high temperature alarm.

  • Support live anti-counterfeiting, based on facial biometric recognition, can not be replaced and copied to prevent counterfeiting operations.


  • Visual and audible alert


  • Contact-less hand sanitiser reduces risk of transmission.


  • 10,000+ register

  • Cloud & local ID verification

  • Instant recognition with or without mask


  • Records temperature, face ID, date & time, tracks occupancy, attendance and contact details if entered.

  • GDPR compliant with deletion facility.


  • Contactless automatic temperature reading

  • High & low temperature notification


  • Attendance and time-keeping integration

  • Audible, visual and email alerts

  • Staff registration

  • Visitor contact form

  • Minimum ID for speedy entry mobile and/or email

  • Staff greeting (by name if registered)

  • Guest greeting (by name if registered)

  • Customisable visitor registration at machine

  • Android programming

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