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a Solution Beyond Temperature Scanner and Hand Sanitiser

Temperature scanner and hand sanitiser are the most needed things nowadays. The Global Procurers has developed a machine that will help premises. The Genesis helps businesses reduce the spread of viral and bacterial diseases. This multifunctional solution has many benefits for all businesses and premises.

A multifunctional solution for prevention of Covid-19 and other viral and bacterial diseases

Take precautions for your customers' / employees' lives and make a difference by acting responsibly. The Genesis’s flexible programming enables owners/managers to set what parameters they want to be discretionary or mandatory.

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What are the benefits of The Genesis ACS?

First, thermal temperature scanning, is just one of the many benefits. The Genesis alerts if there is an abnormal temperature. It easily monitors people as they enter and leave premises.

Second, same as thermal temperature scanning, sanitising of hands BEFORE people enter premises would be good. In addition temperature scanning, The Genesis can sanitise hands contactless. By programming the machine, it can advise visitors or staff to sanitise their hands.

Third, wearing a face mask inside the premise, is the most important prevention. The Genesis can detect face mask by monitoring the face immediately. Moreover, it alerts when the mask is not worn on face.

Tracing of the contact who has high temperature, can help slow the spread of diseases. The Genesis ACS has the facial ID and card reader. It enables customers to pre-register or register at the machine. Their temperature, mask status and identity (photo) are all recorded. All details automatically deleted after a pre-set time. The default is 21 days for visitors to comply with GDPR.

The Genesis can be set. Therefor a non-registered person can enter whatever detail is required. For example: email, phone number, full name, post code, car number, vaccination number etc.

Helping all types of businesses

to stay open safely

Why do you need to choose The Genesis for keep your premises Covid safe?

  • Face mask detection with audio & visual warning

  • Contactless hand sanitisation

  • Staff ID and visitor pre-registration if required

  • FULL Track & Trace capability

  • Thermal temperature scanning - abnormal temperature warning

  • Audio & visual warnings - customisable plus email warning

  • Occupancy monitor - Entry machine and exit machine/s required

  • Staff cost savings

  • Contemporary records with photos and downloadable CSV files-due care & diligence

  • Visitor data auto delete - default 21 days

  • Android technology - moreover software integration (e.g. Attendance/time-keeping)

Simple solution that could keep us all safe

“It’s now possible, thanks to a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution that covers all the basic requirements of track and trace and safety and hygiene, to allow people to get together again.” - Stephen Briggs, Managing Director of Global Procurers

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Due to the immediacy of the current pandemic, we have developed the Genesis AIO to enable all types of businesses to help protect their staff and visitors from the spread of not only the current virus but as many bacterial and viral diseases, minor or life-threatening as possible. It is available to lease or purchase now.

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