Genesis All-in-One

Multi-functional Access Control Station

With temperature check, contactless hand sanitisation and more, Genesis AIO reduces virus and bacterial risks on premises by face mask detection, full track & trace, occupancy monitor and abnormal temperature detection.
Free delivery in UK mainland

Genesis AIO is a front-line means of preventing the spread of Covid-19 as well as all types of viral & bacterial infections.
  • A rise in body temperature is a common symptom of an infection and with Covid-19 it manifests itself in almost 50% of sufferers. The Genesis AIO detects an abnormal temperature and will give an audible and/or visual and/or email warning. Low and high temperature settings are adjustable.
  • The wearing of a face mask minimises the exhalation and inhalation of germs protecting the more vulnerable. Genesis AIO detects if a face mask is being warn and will give an audible and/or visual and/or email warning, if not.
  • Viral carriers may not have a temperature so the wearing of a face mask and hand-sanitisation is imperative before people enter shops, restaurants, pubs etc. Genesis AIO has a built-in easily accessible, contact-less hand sanitiser.